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RT Dr_Mozgoprav: Лучший гид по Чернигову! 🤣

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ComposeUI v4 will be shipping soon!

We're adding a few exciting new features:

- Collections
- Geotagging
- Photo Tools (Crop/Rotate/Zoom)
- Stories
- Tag Friends


RT galinaua1: Искал красивых — экономил водку.

RT OfeliyaDD: Коломойский - Иванчуку: "Расскажу сколько денег давал твоему пид*расу Кр... с помощью @YouTube

RT gnome: Today we announce our joint collaboration with @kdecommunity on @LinuxAppSummit and building an application ecosystem. See - - Join us in Barcelona Nov 12-14th, 15th a BoF day!

RT Kramola7: Порохоботам на память ... для раздумий.

RT Donetsk__Ukr: Вуличний арт - це мистецтво😍

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Three @opensuse Tumbleweed snapshots this week have brought new versions of KDE software, #vim, #mesa3d, OpenVPN and more -

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RT CarsRestoration: @ukrpravda_news @CyberUkrop Скоро на канале 1+1 - Дубинский и "слуги народа" пиздят наши деньги.

RT AzuraCast: AzuraCast beta release 0.9.6 has been tagged, including:
- A new AutoDJ with duplicate title and artist prevention,
- Support for AzuraRelay and our Radio Video Stream project,
- New high-performance Now Playing data endpoints
...and much more!

RT bocha_himself: С праздником, коллеги!

RT MastodonProject: For the tech-oriented, Mastodon is actually Free and Open Source. What that means is you can go look through our code and see for yourself: no tracking, no spyware, no ads. Check it out!

RT aprioriprav: Ляшко місяць тому: - Ніякого 3% бар'єру для партій! Тільки 5%!

Ляшко сьогодні: - Нахуя меня мама долбоёбом родила!

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