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Народ в панике опустошил прилавки супермаркетов скупая в первую очередь туалетную бумагу, что уже стало поводом для шуток.

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It's been just 60 days since our last minor point release, but in that time we've accomplished so much, not only fixing and improving existing functionality but adding brand new features.

Check out AzuraCast 0.9.9's changelog here: github.com/AzuraCast/AzuraCast

🐦🔗: twitter.com/AzuraCast/status/1

RT DietPi_: v6.26 released:
- + support (@midwan)
- @WireGuardVPN support for ARMv6
- @The_Pi_Hole fixes specific to

And lots more, its a big one!

Full change-log: github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/pul

RT Lana_Ukrainian: Один из самых веселых матчей в истории настольного тенниса. Показательный матч теннисистов Жака Секретена и Винсента Пуркара 1979 года в Нидерландах способен развеселить и сейчас.

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Whew, would you look at the time... It's our birthday today! 🥳

What are your dreams for KDE in the next year? Let us know!

RT MastodonProject: We're showing off Mastodon 3.0 on YouTube live right now!!

RT AzuraCast: When we said "soon" in the previous tweet, we actually meant "3 hours later".

The new media manager's inline file editor now has a complimentary new album art page, showing you the current album art and letting you swap it out (or clear it entirely).

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MX-19 Beta 3 now available for testing (changes and fixes).


==> forum.mxlinux.org/viewtopic.ph


==> forum.mxlinux.org/viewtopic.ph

Next stop: Release Candidate - can you help us get there?

RT nixcraft: When you must use Windows 10 at work as forced by the compliance department ;)

RT snipeyhead: Enabling IPtables without adding your own IP to the allowed list. twitter.com/Paxter_Redwyne/sta

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